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A book proposal for the AALS should follow the outline given below.

1. Information about the book

1.1 About the Manuscript

  1. Autor(s)/Editor(s) name(s)
  2. Title (tentative)
  3. Subtitle (if applicable)
  4. Estimated length (note that the Volumes in the AILA Applied Linguistics Series (AALS) should be between 70.000 and 100.000 words, that is, between 175 and 200 printed pages)
  5. Expected manuscript completion date

1.2 Outline of the Book

  1. Type of book (e.g. research monograph, collection of articles, reference work, text book)
  2. Purpose of the book (please write a concise description of the Volume, up to 500 words)
  3. Outline of the contents (draft table of contents and a short description of each chapter)

1.3 Market for the Book

  1. Intended readership
  2. Competing publications (any publications your manuscript is related to or will directly compete with. Please include author(s)/editor(s), title, publisher, and price if known)

2. Information about the Author(s) /Editor(s)

2.1 Personal Data

  1. Name
    1. firstname
    2. (middle name)
    3. lastname
    4. (second lastname)
  2. Male/Female
  3. Academic title
  4. Academic affiliation
  5. Date of Birth

2.2 Contact Information

2.2.1 Home Address
  1. Street
  2. City
  3. Country
  4. Phone
  5. Fax
  6. E-mail
2.2.2 University Address
  1. Department
  2. University
  3. Street
  4. City & Postal/Zip code
  5. Country
  6. Phone
  7. Fax
  8. E-mail

Please tell us which address you prefer for correspondence.

1.5 Personal Profile

Please attach your curriculum vitae including titles, publishers, and publication dates of any previous books and journal articles. Please mention also your fields of academic interest.

3. AILA Publications Coordinator

Please send your proposal with all this information by e-mail or postal mail to: