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AILA East-Asia Symposium

Teaching Culture in English Classes in East Asia

Kagoshima, 31 August 2015. Speakers from CELEA (China), JACET (Japan), and ALAK (South Korea) joined the Second AILA East-Asia Symposium at the JACET 54th International Convention to expand and promote the academic activities of AILA in the East-Asian region. The AILA Vice President encouraged the regional network to grow in terms of both topics and affiliates.


Prof. Wen Qiufang (Beijing Foreign Studies U., CELEA)

Prof. Xun Xiaoming (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, CELEA)

Prof. Joo-Kyung Park (Honam U., ALAK)

Prof. Jihyeon Jeon (Ewha Womans U., ALAK)

Prof. Hisako Yamauchi (Former Prof. of U. of Nagasaki, JACET)

Prof. Masaki Oda (Tamagawa U., JACET)

Prof. Daniel Perrin (Zurich U. of Applied Sciences)

Summary and Comments by Daniel Perrin, AILA Vice President

To make the work in research and practice of AILA members more visible during the time between the triennial AILA World Congresses, AILA pursues a strategy of regionalization that aims at establishing closer international cooperation among Applied Linguists from more or less neighbouring countries who are affiliated to AILA by fostering joint events, projects and publications in the respective region. While such a close cooperation has been established in North America between AAAL (USA) and CAAL (Canada) for a long time, cooperation in other areas of the world, such as Asia, Europe, Latin America or Africa could be more intense.

Therefore AILA encourages the setting up of self-organized regional networks as a basis for more intense cross-border cooperation.

The next AILA-Europe Junior Researchers Meeting will take place in the context of the 50th Anniversary Congress of GAL, Gesellschaft für Angewandte Linguistik, September 11-14, 2018, in Essen, Germany.

The need for more regional cooperation among Applied Linguists is obvious in Europe in particular, where there always has been a vast amount and a wide variety of work in Applied Linguistics, but where cross-border cooperation so far takes place only on a smaller scale.

At a meeting hosted by the Free University of Bolzano, Italy, September 2006, to increase intra-European cooperation, a group of European AILA affiliates agreed with the then AILA Secretary General, Karlfried Knapp, to set up a Network of European Applied Linguists (AILA-Europe).